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Warner Music Canada Ltd


[b]This is Warner Music's regional company in Canada that operated under this name since 1990. Use this profile for releases that feature the full company name, Warner Music Canada Ltd. For items carrying the "W" logo with Warner Music Canada written beneath it, use [l=Warner Music Canada].[/b] [b]History[/b] The Canadian division of [l=Warner Bros. Records] began in 1967 as Warner Reprise Canada Ltd. to market and manufacture Warner subsidiary releases. At some point, the company was known as [l=Kinney Music Of Canada Ltd.]. In 1972 the company was renamed [l=WEA Music Of Canada] under [l=WEA International Inc.]. in 2004 the company was renamed [l=Warner Music Canada Co.]. The head office is located in Toronto, with branch offices in other cities including Calgary and Vancouver. (And an older address in Scarborough)

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3381 Steeles Avenue East Main Floor, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 3S7 Maybe an older address from 1991: 1810 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough, Ontario CANADA

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