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The Sound Factory


[b]Use only for recordings 1969-1980, or reissues which credit retrospectively.[/b] Recording studio built in 1969 by [a=Dave Hassinger] and converted from the old [i]Moonglow Records[/i] office on Selma Avenue, California. Hassinger also opened [i]The Sound Factory West[/i] as a 'B' studio for a short period. This closed when he expanded the Selma Ave studio in the early '70s with studios 1 & 2. The Sound Factory closed in 1980. Apart from Hassinger and his work with [i]The Rolling Stones[/i] and [i]The Electric Prunes[/i], the studio entertained the likes of [i]Linda Ronstadt, Seals & Crofts, Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Little Feat[/i] and more, with emerging technicians like [a258155] and [a245241]. Paul and [a=Tutti Camarata] purchased the defunct studio in 1981 and merged it into their [l=Sunset Sound Recorders] operation (just a few blocks away on Sunset Strip) as [l266262], which opened in Jan 1982. "Mixonline" extract: [i]...Ladanyi still speaks reverently about The Sound Factory and its original owner, the great engineer/producer David Hassinger... "The Sound Factory was like the David Hassinger School of Recording," he says. "That man was brilliant. He was one of those guys who had a magic about him and how he did things. He taught Val Garay, he taught me, he was responsible for some of the other guys who came through there, a number of really good engineers who are still doing good work. "He had great equipment in The Sound Factory, all you could ask for - an API console, Fairchilds, LA-2As, 1176s, the Phase Linears on the speakers. We had four of the old EMT 140 plates and an unbelievable microphone collection-251s, U47s, M50s, M49s. He had the old Neumann 54s, which were so great on strings; I learned a lot about how to record string sections from him. That studio was a racehorse-it was in great shape; he had things very well-tuned."[/i]

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[Redundant from 1980]; Reopened 1982 as Sound Factoryâ„¢ 6357 Selma Avenue Hollywood, California 90028

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