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One of the larger two original Chicago house-music labels (the other being [l=D.J. International Records]). Founded in the early 1980s by Larry Sherman, Screamin'Rachael, Jesse Saunders, and Vince Lawrence. Responsible for the release of "Acid Tracks" by Phuture, "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson, and many many other records that shaped the Chicago and acid house sounds through till the early 1990's. Some releases were licensed to [l=Westside Records (2)] / [l=Radical Records (5)] (and other labels) in Britain, [l=BCM Records] in Germany, and [l=Mirakkle Records] in France; single releases were licensed to different labels worldwide. Reborn with the help of [a=Screamin' Rachael], in the new millennium it was a subsidiary of a Canadian corporation called Casablanca Media Acquisitions Inc. New catalog numbers reflect the subsidiary nature of Trax. In a Chicago Court ruling on June 6, 2008 Trax Records was returned to its orignal owners Rachael Cain and Larry Sherman.

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Trax Records 505 N Lakeshore Dr. #3009 Chicago, Il. 60606, USA Phone: 312.923-9273 ----- Re-released by Cap Exports 3647 S. Archer Ave. Chicago, IL 60609-1058, USA Phone: 773.247.4333 Fax: 773.247.4077

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