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For releases which credit IMS Manufacturing by url in the matrix only, please do not use this profile. Instead credit [l627898]. Italian CD and DVD replication company. IMS Manufacturing (along with was the brand used by [l=IMS International Media Service S.p.A.] and IMS Logistics S.r.l. It handled EMI CD manufacturing business in Italy in mid 2003 (as [l=EMI Operations Italy S.p.A.]), and when [l=Mediamotion] went bankrupt at the end of 2008, ims Manufacturing took over EMI manufacturing operations in Europe. When EMI ended their contract with IMS, the company was forced to close its doors, on November 2011.

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IMS International Media Service S.r.l. Via Bergamo, 315 21042 Caronno Pertusella Varese Italy Tel. +39 02 965 111 Fax +390296511 750

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