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See also [l264450]. Founded in 1986, Sony DADC is providing optical media replication and software services. Sony DADC Europe has three production facilities in Europe: two in Austria (Anif and Thalgau) and one in the UK (Southwater). [b]About DADC Austria matrix/LCCN numbers[/b] Many DADC Austria releases (~1995-1998) have matrices in the following pattern: [DADC Austria logo] Axxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC - For CD releases, yy indicates the disc number (always 01 for single-disc releases; 02 and onwards are used for multi-disc releases), while zz indicates the number of discs in the release (again, always 01 for single-disc releases). DVDs do not seem to use the same numbering for the yyzz part however. - BB is a two digit number, usually between 11-25. The second digit is the same as the last digit of the mastering SID code (IFPI L55x). - CC is etched into the matrix ring, and is usually A1, A01, A00, B1, etc. When entering DADC Austria matrix numbers into LCCN, ONLY the "Axxxxxxxxxx-yyzz" part of the string should be entered. An example of how to correctly enter the DADC Austria number is [r1084039] Other matrix patterns: ????~1995: [DADC Austria logo] [Label catalogue number] BB CC 1999: [DADC logo] Axxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC

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[b]Sony DADC Austria AG[/b] Sonystrasse 20. A-5081 Anif, Austria Sonystrasse 4. A-5303 Thalgau, Austria Tel: +43 6246 880 555 Fax: +43 6246 880 509 E-mail:

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