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Can-Am Recorders Inc. opened in September 1978 this 24 track studio. Located in suburban Tarzana, co-principals included [a=Lanny Williamson], Larry Cummins and Bill Wasson. Equipment included a Quad-Eight board with computerization and MCI tape machines. The size of the studio was 25 by 35 feet with drum booth and separate vocal booth. Size of the control room was 20 by 25 feet. The studio could accomodate approximately 35 musicians, indicated Jeffrey Rogers, who was doing promotion for the studio. Services available included both recording and mixdown. Outboard equipment included EMT 240 reverb, digital delay lines, Orban parametrics, compressor limiter, Urei limiters, phaser, Lexicon prime time, time modulator, flanger, 8080 micro-processor and digital timing. Available instruments included a grand piano, Rhodes and a string ensemble. The studio, said Rogers, had also plans to include a separate mixdown suite. In the fall of 2009, Ironworks Recording moved to the newly renovated Can-Am Studio A, opening its doors to the public.

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Can-Am Recorders Inc 18730 Oxnard St #211 Tarzana, CA 91356

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