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See also [l45238]. Former EMI CD factory at Penny Lane, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. CD manufacturing officially started on May 15, 1986 and lasted until May 2002 (when the plant was closed down). The plant originally started life in 1981 as a manufacturer of VHD videodiscs but was converted to CD manufacturing plant. Interesting fact: The very first CDs and the very last CDs pressed were Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. [b]Identifying EMI Swindon on CDs:[/b] Most of the time, "EMI Swindon" will be printed in the matrix itself. In these cases, the glass master was made at EMI Swindon. When the location is not printed in the matrix, the following will help: The matrix is split in the mirror band into two sections. A [url=http://s.discogss.com/image/R-3469810-1331626586.jpeg]printed area and a machine stamped area[/url]. The printed area will include a matrix block of numbers, usually six digits long followed by a space followed by the remaining numbers of the matrix. The machine-stamped area will include a set of digits separated by colons, e.g.: ":1:1:16". Unlike at [l=EMI Uden], there is no country code suffix. (EMI Uden suiffixed theirs with "NL".) Some CDs will have "[l268781]" printed in the matrix but the machine stamped information will have an "NL" suffix which means that the glass master was made at Swindon, but the CD was pressed at EMI Uden. Also the IFPI assigned the mould SID code "IFPI 15##" to EMI Uden, e.g.: "IFPI 1525". The inclusion of this code on a CD also means the CD was pressed at EMI Uden, not Swindon. The IFPI assigned the mould SID code "IFPI 14##" to EMI Swindon, e.g.: "IFPI 1442". The inclusion of this code on a CD means the CD was pressed at EMI Swindon. The following mastering SID codes were assigneed by the IFPI to EMI Swindon: Mastering SID Code: IFPI L041 IFPI L042 Mould SID Code: IFPI 14## (All four digit mould SID codes beginning with "14"). This plant operated from the inception of the SID code program until the plant closed in 2002. Therefore identifying this plant by SID codes alone should not be problematic. CDs pressed from 2000 on may have "EMI UK" printed in the matrix in stead of "EMI Swindon". If this is the case, please use [l45238].

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