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Recording studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Also credited as: · Sunset Sound Studios · Sunset Sounds · Sunset Sounds Recording Studios Sister studio of [l=Sunset Sound Factory]. Originally known as [l271079] and created by [a347268], as a means for work on Disney material, the studio quickly grew to record many renowned bands and artists. Camerata then opened the old Moonglow Studios as the Sound Factory. (Neither should be confused with Sunset Highland aka [l288696], sometimes referred to as 'Sunset' & used by Zappa & Hendrix, etc) Sunset Sound was originally an auto-repair shop. It??s cavernous brick structure provided an ideal location for Camerata??s acoustic conversion of the building in 1958. The walls, ceiling and floor all slanted toward one corner, where excess automobile fluids had once trickled into a drain. These non-parallel surfaces were ideal for providing the best acoustic control and ideal for a sound studio begun on a limited budget. Camarata had actually started the recording studio at the encouragement of Disney, who had not wanted the added burden of controlling a sound studio and staff himself. Although these were the days of mono, the facility was state of the art for it??s time and kept abreast of technologies in the fast-evolving world of recording techniques and formats. In 1981 the studio moved and was converted into a 3-studio complex known as the Sound Factory. This new location was at Selma Avenue, Hollywood, the site of another older studio known as The Sound Factory. This studio had been created on the 1960??s site of Moonglow Records & Moonglow Recording Studio by David Hassinger in 1969. Engineers known to have worked here; [a3930256]

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Sunset Soundâ„¢ 6650 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California 90028 USA Booking Information: Craig Hubler Tel.: +1.323.469.1186 Fax: +1.323.465.5579 Email:

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