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For the earlier, pre 1991 recordings please use [l=Air Studios]. Lyndhurst Hall is flexible enough for full symphony orchestras, chamber music or choirs of over 120. It is ideally suited to orchestral, film scoring, classical, string/orchestral o/dubs, live performances with audience and film/epk. The Hall's 300m² hexagonal live area has two spacious isolation booths, motorised acoustic canopy and three raised galleries. A Steinway Model D concert grand piano is also available for client use (tunings on request). It's 50m² control room boasts the world's largest Neve 88R. 96 channels with Encore automation, SP2 film matrix and 48 'AIR Montserrat' remote mic amps. A custom Dynaudio 5.1 system and twin Panasonic plasmas deliver audio and video. Holding up to 100 musicians with 300 choir, Lyndhurst Hall is one of the largest recording rooms in the world. Also referred to as: - Air Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, Hampstead - Air Lyndhurst - Air Lyndhurst Studio - Air Lyndhurst Studios - Air Lindhurst

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Lyndhurst Hall Lyndhurst Road Hampstead London NW3 5NG Telephone: +44(0)20 7794 0660 Fax: +44(0)20 7794 8518 Email:

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