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WEA Manufacturing Inc.


The corporate manufacturing arm of [l=Warner Communications Inc.] / [l=Time Warner] / [l=Warner Music Group] from 1978 to October 2003, when it was sold and merged into [l=Cinram] International, a long time competitor. [b]Note[/b]: Use this company only when explicitly mentioned on the release. If the release states "WEA Manufacturing" then use [l264250]. If the CD states both then use both. [b]Note[/b]: WEA Manufacturing Inc. operated two plants: [l27576] (1978 to 1997) renamed in 1997 to [l291934] (1997 to 2003), and [l211933] (1979 to 1997) renamed in 1997 to [l354230] (1997 to 2003). Please use these entities if the actual pressing plant is indicated on the release (such as in the CD matrix, vinyl matrix, etc...). [b]Note[/b]: WEA Manufacturing Inc. did not start manufacturing their own CDs until September 1986, so [url=http://www.studio-nibble.com/cd/index.php?title=Specialty_Records_Corporation/WEA_Manufacturing_matrix_codes]check the matrix areas of your CDs[/url] for actual pressing info, and don't use pre-1986 release dates for CDs manufactured by this company. Also referred to as "W.E.A. Manufacturing, Inc." and "WEA Manufacturing, Inc."

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