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K Disc Mastering


K Disc Mastering was mastering company based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Went out of business around 1995 or 1996. Also referred to as: - K Disc - K-Disc - K-disc, Hollywood Runout groove etchings: 'Kdisc', 'K-Disc' or 'k disc' Mastering engineers: [a=John Golden]: 'Kdisc JG' [a=Carol Hibbs]: 'Kdisc ch', 'Kdisc uch' or 'Kdisc sch' [a=Bill Lightner]: 'Kdisc BL' or 'Kdisc L' [a=Ken Perry]: 'Kdisc KP' [a384610]

Información de Contacto:

K Disc Mastering 6550 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028 USA (Contact info now obsolete)

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