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Nova (6)


German sublabel of [l108132]. Installed in 1974. Active till early 80s. This label did a lot of reissue works, as well as original releases of German artists. [b] Attention Please [/b] Particularly for the non German artists - reissues -, please take care for the release date. It should stay vacant if not proper known! There are often several versions with slightly different suffix at the cat#. Also most of the time, the suffix on the rear cover / spine and on the labels are different. Please document this at the Release Notes. where to find the different cat#s. Like: 1st cat# from rear cover, 2nd from labels. Please try to denote, whether there is a label code mentioned or not. There are often 2 versions with and without label codes. For the version without, please state none at the BAOI. Please be aware, earliest release date for versions with label code is 1976. Also take care if uploading image, to avoid confusion at the different versions. LC 3311

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