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In-house label of the Cologne based distributor and record shop. Active from 1995 to 2003. Formic exclusively distributed, at least for a certain period, the following labels: Aalborg Activision Ahyo Airlock Alpha Atak Authentic Börft Chair CSM Docile Dominance Down Low Electrecords Electrocute Electrogrill Elektronik Outboarding Cast Ernst Format (Canada) Formic Records Forte Gold Plate Hal 9000 Infocalypse Jakpot Klick Kône Konsequent Kostamus Majesty Mass Transit Max Ernst Mit Ohne Sound Nesta Pi Gao Movement Placid Progressa Psycho Thrill Rainhorse Riot City Sabotage Salz Serial Killers Haircut Soul Center Southern Outpost Stattmusik Stilleben Suppose Synewave Treibstoff W.v.B.Enterprises Ware World Electric

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