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Often credited as 'Trutone' only, Trutone Mastering labs have been operating from different locations for the best part of four decades. Starting off in the basement of owner and chief mastering engineer, [a=Carl Rowatti]'s home, it has moved location over the years as work load has increased and larger premises have been required. Records mastered at Trutone Mastering, if not printed on the center label or record's sleeve, often have 'Mastered At Trutone' etched in the runout groove alongside the engineer's initials. Mastering engineers that have worked at Trutone Mastering Labs include [A=Phil Austin], [A=Carl Rowatti], [a=Joe Yannece], [a=Joe Lambert], [a=Patti Firrincili] (in an unofficial capacity), [A=Tony "Tippy" Tarochione] and for a brief spell, [a=Ray Janos].

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Trutone Mastering Labs Inc. 119 Rockland Center #306 Nanuet, NY 10954 Tel (845) 680-6490 Fax (845) 680-6485 Email:

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