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Marcus Recording Studios


Recording studios in London. Established in March 1979 and originally located in Kensington Gardens Square. Then consisted of two studios and a copy room. First studio manager was [a495263]. Early engineers included [a2119809] and [a194482] (Recording Engineers), [a79096], [a1897119] and [a284277] (Assistant Recording Engineers), [a394112] (Cutting Engineer). Later the studios moved to Fulham, London, UK. The operating company Marcus Music UK Ltd. was liquidated in 1999. This profile also incorporates the variant studio entries for 'Marcus Musik' (the London studio), 'Marcus Recording', 'Marcuss Studios', 'Marcus Studios, London' and 'Marcus Studios'.

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Marcus Recording Studios 17-21 Wyfold Road, Fulham London, SW6 6SE UK

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