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Warner-Pioneer Corporation


[b]Please note: this is a company, not a label. Please check how Warner-Pioneer Corporation is mentioned on the release and pick a matching role from the 'Label' dropdown menu on the submission form. Check the logos present on the release to determine the label(s).[/b] (The WPC cat# suffix is usually a guide to the label: i.e. 'A'=Atlantic, 'R'= Reprise, 'W'=Warner Bros., etc.) History: Warner-Pioneer Corporation was established in April 1972 as a successor to [l=Warner Bros.-Pioneer Corporation]. In 1989, Warner Music Group bought out Pioneer and renamed the company to [l=Warner Music Japan Inc.] in 1991. In 2002 [l=Warner Music Japan], [l=EastWest Japan] and Time Warner Entertainment Japan merged and renamed as Warner Entertainment Japan. Two years later, in 2004, Music section spun off from Warner Entertainment Japan and renamed again as [l=Warner Music Japan].

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