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Specialty Records Corporation


Defunct pressing plant/manufacturer which was located in Olyphant, PA (USA). Note: This is "not" a Record Label. Known to have pressed for [l33574] Founded in 1946, Specialty Records Corporation was at one point one of the biggest pressing plants in the world. [l=Warner Communications Inc.] purchased Specialty in 1978 along with [l=Allied Record Company] in 1979 to form [l=WEA Manufacturing Inc.] CD pressing started at the plant in September 1986 and they also manufactured cassettes and VHS tapes. WEA operated the pressing plant under the Specialty name until the plant was offically renamed [l=WEA Mfg. Olyphant] at the end of 1996. How to identify records pressed at Specialty Records Corporation ? Most often denoted on late 70's, 80's & 90's vinyl by the machine-stamped SRC logo in the runout groove dead-wax, though earlier releases will sometimes have an SP or SR etching without the logo. ? Often denoted by an "(SP)" or "SP" plant code printed on center labels on many of the labels they pressed record for. Often denoted on [l=Atlantic] releases and sublabels' or partner labels' releases with a "-SP" at the end of the printed matrix number on the center labels. Otherwise a "-SP" or "-SR" can often be found at the end of the etched matrix number in the runout 'deadwax'. Additionally, 1.) A lone "A" embossed in the label area like this would indicate it was pressed at [l211933]. 2.) An "E A S T" embossed around the center hole like this would indicate it was pressed at Specialty Records Corporation (sourced from metal parts that were originally made for use at Allied Record Company based on the etchings). NOTE that usually the "T" is the most visible, sometimes the only really visible letter. ? Often denoted on [l=PolyGram]'s sublabels' & partner labels' releases by a "49" plant code printed on center labels. Records that have the "SRC" logo in the runout 'deadwax' were Processed & Pressed By Specialty Records Corporation, "but"records that have the "SRC" logo along with an "SPAR" etching "and" a "B-#####" type matrix number all in the runout 'deadwax' indicates that the Plating (Processing / Metalwork) was done at Specialty Records Corporation but the record itself was actually Pressed at [l=Allied Record Company]. In such cases with the "SPAR" and "B-#####" etchings, add Specialty Records Corporation as 'Mastered At' and also add Allied Record Company as 'Pressed By'. Note, on Test Pressings from this company: "ACC'T ____________"Account" equals the manufacturing company (parent of the label) for major label releases, or sometimes just the Label in the case of smaller indie labels. "REC. NO. _________" Record Number" equals the Catalog number. "MTX. NO. _________" Matrix Number" equals the Matrix number. How to identify CD pressed at Specialty Records Corporation ? Denoted on CD's by an "SRC" in the matrix (1986 to 1993). If there is both ARC and SRC, then the CD was pressed at [l=Allied Record Company] but the glass master came from Specialty Records Corporation. ? Denoted on CD's by the Specialty 'S' logo in the matrix ring. (1993 to 1996 [into 1997?) Note that this only appears in the matrix of CD's glass mastered between 1993 to 1996 (into 1997?), after that the plant was officially renamed and only a WEA mfg logo appears on glass masters made post 1996. How to identify Cassettes made & duplicated at Specialty Records Corporation Denoted by a printed 'SR' on the cassette itself. A printed 'AR' on the cassette would indicate [l=Allied Record Company]).

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1400 E. Lackawanna Ave. Olyphant, PA. 18447. Phone (717) 383-3291 TWX (510) 671-4580 (Company has been defunct for several decades)

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