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The company [b]Eye Q Music[/b] started out as [b]Eye Q Records[/b] in 1991 and later as they branched out into more labels they changed the name to [b]Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH[/b] keeping Eye Q Records as a label name only. In 1994 they changed their name to Eye Q Music to coincide with the launch of a UK office soon to be followed by a US office. The three offices operated under the legal names [b]Eye Q Music GmbH[/b], [b]Eye Q Music Ltd.[/b] and [b]Eye Q Music Inc.[/b] Due to financial difficulties they had to close the US office in late 1996. The financial difficulties continued and the company folded on June 9th 1997. The UK office continued to operate under the new company name [l=Eye Q Entertainment Ltd.] with new logos and a slightly different musical direction. Eye Q Music had a manufacturing and distribution deal with [l=Warner Music Germany GmbH] in Germany Company profile taken from [r208672]: [i]Since its creation in 1991, EYE Q Music has been regarded as a synonym for sophisticated electronic music. As one of the initiators of the Techno/House movement, the company went its own way very early and established terms like "Trance" while "Techno" was still new for other labels. In contrast to banal hit material, EYE Q focuses on its acts and innovative music. With artists like SVEN V?TH it has even been able to expand its goal to an international level. EYE Q Music maintains an office in London - and soon will open one in Los Angeles, in order to recognize important trends and tendencies in the international centres of cultural fusion and to adopt and adapt them. EYE Q is not a traditional dance label, however, instead it sees itself as a discoverer of new, untapped worlds of music. Three years ago, this was the establishment of popular electronic development of this initial base with completely new elements. This transformation has resulted in the ambition to fuse various musical trends and has led to the formation of the three separate labels EYE Q Records, RECYCLE OR DIE, and HARTHOUSE. Each claims its own position on the scale of contemporary music.[/i]

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(All obsolete) [b]Eye Q Records[/b] (1991) Eppsteiner Straße 43 6000 Frankfurt am Main Telefon 069-721561 Fax 069-7240294 [b]Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH / Eye Q Music GmbH.[/b] (1992-1996) Strahlenbergerstr. 125a 63067 Offenbach Germany Phone +49-69-829740-0 Fax +49-69-829740-11 [b]Eye Q Music GmbH.[/b] (1997) Rosenthaler Str. 46 10178 Berlin Phone:+49 (0)30 28 49 98-0 Fax: +49 (0)30 28 49 98-11 [b]Eye Q Music Ltd.[/b] 21 Little Portland Street London W1N 5AS UK Phone: +44 (0)171 / 631 0782 Fax: +44 (0)171 / 631 0794 [b]Eye Q Music Inc.[/b] 8756 Holloway Drive West Hollywood CA 90069 USA Phone: +1 310 / 657 7241 Fax: +1 310 / 657 1019

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