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Chung King Studios


NYC recording studio. Formerly known as [l=Chung King House Of Metal]. Founded by John King with backing by the Etches brothers and with [a=Steve Ett] as engineer, progenitor of [l=Secret Society Records]. The studio relocated to an old Chinatown restaurant, Chung King; in 1986 Rick Rubin called it the ??Chung King House of Metal," thereby changing the name of the company. Known for prominent Punk and Hip-Hop recordings, it has become an internationally known and prominently active studio. Also referred to as: - Chung King - Chung King Recording - Chung King Recording Studios - Chung King Studio's, New York

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170 Varick Street New York, NY 10013 USA Tel.: +1.212.463.9200 Fax: +

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