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Minder Music Ltd.


MINDER MUSIC LIMITED is an independent UK Music Publishing Company which was started in the 80's by JOHN FOGARTY and BETH CLOUGH. The Company has built up a number of copyrights which it owns and controls throughout the World. The catalogue comprises an eclectic mix of works from the 1920's music hall classic ??LAUGHING POLICEMAN? all the way to the silky FM sounds of ACE??S ??HOW LONG?, via many R&B classics originally recorded by THE GAP BAND ("OOPS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD", "OUTSTANDING", etc.), FATBACK BAND ("I FOUND LOVIN'", "BUS STOP", etc.), JIMMY CASTOR ("IT'S JUST BEGUN", "TROGLODYTE", etc.). etc.

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Minder Music Limited 18 Pindock Mews London W9 2PY 020 7289 7281

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