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Pennsylvania (USA) pressing plant/manufacturer active from 1997 to 2003, prior to which it was known as [l=Specialty Records Corporation]. As WEA Manufacturing, Olyphant (abbreviated "wea mfg. OLYPHANT" in the CD matrix, and here on Discogs) it operated until around Oct 2003, when it and its parent company were sold to Cinram and became [l=Cinram, Olyphant, PA]. NOTE: Although the presence of "wea mfg. OLYPHANT" in the mirror ring definitely indicates a disc was glass mastered at this plant, it does NOT necessarily indicate it was pressed there. Please see the [l=WEA Mfg. Commerce] and [l=Cinram, Olyphant, PA] pages for more details. LCCN numbers: Since around 1996, WEA Mfg. Olyphant has assigned its own catalogue number in the matrix of CD and DVDs manufactured at the plant. These catalogue numbers begin with W, X, Y or Z, and are generally 4-6 characters long. These strings only may be entered as catalogue numbers for WEA Mfg. Olyphant in LCCN fields.

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1400 E. Lackawanna Ave. Olyphant, PA. 18448

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