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Nashville Record Productions Inc. is a Nashville based mastering services company. Founded by Lima, OH native Kenneth R. Place in 1964, incorporated in 1966, in their earlier days they were a full service production company, handling entire record projects from start to finish. NRP never had record pressing in house, instead a number of pressing plants were used: United, Dixie, Precision, Archer, Atwell. Their client base included many famous labels: Motown (10), Hit (15), SSS (113), Monument (125), Paula (127), Dover (86), SO (5), PRP (161) SON (18) and small independant Detroit labels often had either 77 or 95. They used Matrix of Nashville stampers, so the "Nashville Matrix" stamp can also to be found in the deadwax. See [l=Nashville Matrix] for these stamper and/or metal parts credits. Records mastered at NRP have a 4 or 5 digit "NR" number in the matrix and on the labels which is sequential, and can be used to date releases that otherwise don't have a printed dates. The cut-over from 4 to 5 digits was in 1978. Much earlier releases may have 3 or less digits, but none are yet documented here. Releases with "NRP" in the matrix, but no NR number were mastered (i.e. lacquer cut at) the plant. Engineers include: [a=Wes Garland] [a=George Ingram] Tim Hall

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Nashville Record Productions 469 Chestnut Street, Nashville, TN 37203-4896, USA +1 615-259-4200

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