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Shea Stadium


Opened in April 1964, as a multi-purpose sports stadium and home for the New York Mets (baseball), the New York Jets (American football) and also for the New York Yankees (baseball) for 2 seasons. It was the site for first ever outdoor rock concert, [a=Beatles, The], in August 1965 (55,000+ in attendance-mostly screaming). Concert promoters now had a new way to present music "live", in warmer weather, making way for the open-air spectacular events like Monterey Pop, Woodstock, Isle of Wight and Live Aid. Bands, [a=Who, The], [a=Clash, The] and [a=Rolling Stones, The], among other big names played concerts there. [a=Billy Joel] was the last to perform there, proclaiming, "The Last Play at Shea", in July of 2008, the year the stadium closed and was replaced by a new sports stadium, [l=Citi Field].

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