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Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles


Pressing plant including metal work for Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California Note: This Profile is being researched. If you have a submission prior to 1947, please post an image of the pressing stamp. The identifiable runout marking is a star [for Hollywood] This stamp evolved over time from a five pointed ."??" into a six pointed star "?". and by 1965, Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles had moved on to a six-pointed asterisk. (A confirmation from 1947 shows the star appearing more like a "Star" ."??"(See [r4404809]) & (circa 1964) it is six-sided and appears more like a six-pointed ? circa 1964- See [r3886157] Please note the star can be pressed very lightly and can be easy to miss. There are instances of "?""?" for pressing identification. It should be noted that "if" there is an "RCA" etch accompanying the "?" this likely means that the pressing was by [l465444], on a contract basis, with metalwork supplied by [l313266]. (e.g. [r705848]) Additional & Complementary identifiers for Warner Bros. releases that were pressed by Capitol had the following codes on the lacquer numbers; (The "W" in the 2nd position was "Warner" - LW - for Los Angeles Plant (Do not confuse with [l438055]) - JW - for Jacksonville Plant - WW - for Winchester Plant The Los Angeles plant closed around 1982.

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[defunct] 2121 North San Fernando Road Los Angeles, California [in 1960's - '70's:] 3061 Fletcher Drive - P.O. Box 65856 Los Angeles, CA 90065 (213) 254-2551

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