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Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester


Began Production in 1969 Capitol Records Distribution Corporation announced in 1968 the purchasing of land in Winchester, Va for a new record and tape production plant. The Winchester plant began construction in 1968 and production in 1969. The plant initially had a workforce of 250 people. This plant complemented the other existing manufacturing facilities of Capitol in Scranton, Jacksonville and Los Angeles. In 1969 [l313252] begain phasing out their vinyl manuacturing in favor of the new Winchester plant. The identifiable runout marking is a ??Winchester? rifle: -------?? (examples here of more [url=]cryptic variations[/url] ) Additional & Complementary identifiers for Warner Bros. releases that were pressed by Capitol had the following codes on the lacquer numbers; (The "[b]W[/b]" in the 2nd position indicates "Warner") - W[b]W[/b] - for Winchester Plant - J[b]W[/b] - for Jacksonville Plant - L[b]W[/b] - for Los Angeles Plant

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