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American record label founded by Phil Walden, Alan Walden, and Frank Fenter. [b]First Incarnation 1969-1979[/b] The first incarnation lasted from 1969 until 1979 when the company went out of business. During this period, distribution was handled by Atlantic Records, then Warner Bros and finally PhonoDisc. [b]Second Incarnation 1991-2000[/b] The Walden's reformed the label for a second incarnation in the early 90s. The label was the home to such acts as [a=311] and [a=Cake] before shutting down again in 2000. Distribution during the second incarnation was handled by Warner Bros., then RED Distribution and finally back to PolyGram. [b]After Capricorn[/b] In December of 2000, Phil Walden sold the label's assets to [l=Volcano (2)]. Because the Walden's had agreed not to use the Capricorn name for at least 5 years, they formed [l=Velocette].

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Capricorn Records 535 Cotton Avenue, Macon, Georgia 31201, United States (defunct)

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