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American Recording Co.


Ledgendary recording studio located in Calabasas, CA, USA owned by [a263837] Opened in 1959 in Studio City, California and eventually relocated to Calabasas, California. The property and building for the Calabasas studio was purchased in December 1983 and another year spent building it into a recording studio. The new studio, in Calabasas, Ca., opened in late 1984 and immediated recorded [r3510268]. Studio City, CA 1959 - late 1982 Calabasas, CA 1984- present There is confirmation of the "Studio City" studio credit in use in 1980 . See [r910802] AKA: - American Recording, Studio City: - American Recording Company, Studio City, California: - American Recording Company: -American Recording Co., Woodland Hills, CA: -American Recording, Calabasas Engineers known to have worked here include [a263837] and [a402539] Also see [l398133]

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