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CBS Studios, San Francisco


AKA: Columbia Studios, Halee-Wood, San Francisco. Recording and mastering studios in San Francisco, CA, USA. Operating under this name from September 1970 until 1985. Originally founded in June 1969 as Coast Recorders, the studios were sold to Columbia Records/CBS in September 1970. CBS took control of recording studios A and B with [a=Roy Halee] as chief engineer. [a=Roy Segal] became engineer and studio manager. Mastering engineers were [a=Glen Kolotkin], [a=George Horn], [a=Paul Stubblebine] and [a=[Phil Brown], working out of Studio D, equipped with a Westrex cutting lathe. Coast Recorders continued in business, working out of Studio C, fitted for quadraphonic projects. In late 1976, [a=David Rubinson] and CBS signed a deal that Rubinson could lease Studio C for his new business [l=The Automatt]. With all studios already given up by 1986, the building was eventually destroyed in 1989 after suffering severe damage from an earthquake.

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827 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA [Obsolete]

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