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PDO Discs Ltd, operating under this name from December 1986 until 1996. Regularly credited in CD matrices with "Made in UK by PDO" (or P.D.O.), this is the UK Branch of PDO (Philips DuPont Optical) based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Originally established in 1980 by Philips Electronics to manufacture Laser Discs, by December 1986 the plant also manufactured CDs, CDRs, and CDVideos. In 1996 control was handed over to [l265455] after the plant was sold to PolyGram. Due to manufacturing problems at the UK PDO plant, many releases from the late 80s and early 90s eventually suffered from CD bronzing, and were rendered unplayable. The plant maintained stock of affected discs until 2008, allowing affected customers to return their faulty pressings for replacements. The Blackburn factory changed hands several more times, being operated by [l269728] and eventually being acquired by [l263948] and operating as [l268054] until its closure on December 31, 2009 with all operations moving to EDC's main European plant in Hanover, Germany.

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Philips Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5RZ. (Contact info now obsolete)

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