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PMDC, Germany


Full Name: PolyGram Manufacturing & Distribution Centres GmbH. [b]Operating under this name from January 1993 until December 1998[/b]. Distribution and manufacturing company with a CD manufacturing plant in Langenhagen, Germany. Occasional vinyl mastering took place as well (identifiable by a 320 in the runouts). Former CD plant names: [l=PDO, Germany] (1986-1991) and [l=PRS Hannover] (1991-1992). CDs are identifiable by SID Mould code "IFPI 01xx", from about 1996 on by the 8-digit serial# [5xxxx xxx] or [5xxxxxxx] as part of the Matrix # and /or by "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC". If "Made in Germany by PMDC" is printed on the CD, be aware, the mould of the CD doesn't credit a succeeding plant. Please do not credit PMDC, Germany based entirely on the presence of a mould SID code beginning with 01xx or the 8-digit serial#, because preceeding and succeeding plants ([l358025], [l331548], [l384133]) used that code and serial# as well and PMDC was often repressing CDs but left the old artwork of the preceeding plants. Renamed to Universal Manufacturing & Logistics GmbH ([l331548]), effective January 1, 1999.

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PolyGram Manufacturing & Distribution Centres GmbH Klusriede 26 30851 Langenhagen [obsolete]

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