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Disques SNB Ltée.


Audio mastering studio also known as SNB, SNB Mastering, SNB Mastering Studio, and SNB Mastering Labs. Founded in 1973 by [a=Sabin Brunet] in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was originally called Les Disque SNB Mastering Ltée., but was incorporated in 2006 and changed its name to Les Disque SNB Mastering Inc. In 2008, merged into [l=Pure Mastering], in St-Calixte, Quebec, operated by [a=Guy St-Onge]. The studio has kept its phone number and address but has abandoned the SNB name and website. Most credits are etched into the runouts as 'SnB' or 'SNB', but there are some instances of credits to SNB, Disques SNB or SNB Mastering Labs in the liner notes. Some of the mastering engineers that worked here: [a=?mile Lépine] [a=Sabin Brunet] [a=Alain DeRoque] [a=Bill Kipper]

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8400 Cote de Liesse, Bureau 214, Montréal (Québec) Canada H4T 1G7 Tel: (001) 514-342-8513 (001) 450-229-1437 email : info@snbreferencemastering.com (obsolete)

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