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Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria


Columbia Records vinyl record pressing plant in Santa Maria, California, United States. The plant opened in late 1963 (after September 1963) and was fully operational by summer 1964; it closed in 1981. Columbia Records announced plans in 1962 for the construction of a $3 Million pressing plant and warehouse in Santa Maria, California. The facility will also be used for the shipping center for the Columbia Record Club. Many records that were pressed there can be identified by the letter "S" or a backwards "S" etched into the runouts (Ƨ). Frequently there will be a "S 1", "S 2" "1 S", "2 S" etc. Additionally, the suffix "CSM" may appear on the LP labels. Santa Maria pressings of PolyGram labels' product (such as Mercury, Polydor, RSO and Casablanca) had "CS" markings within the deadwax, and from 1979 to 1980 were identified on the label by a '25' code. The Santa Maria plant also pressed for [l11717], [l157], [l1000], [l39357]. [l12220], [l8377], [l11910], [l107023], [l1005], [l1058], [l651], & [l681].

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900 East Stowell Road Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 922-4511 (closed 1981; defunct)

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