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[b]E[/b]ntertainment [b]D[/b]istribution [b]C[/b]ompany GmbH. CD/DVD/Blu-ray manufacturing company established in 2005 following the acquisition of the manufacturing and distribution facilities of the Universal Music Group. The predecessor for this plant was [l=Universal M & L, Germany]. EDC is the largest, fully integrated optical disc manufacturing and distribution site in Europe. Please enter all pressings here that show "[b]Made in Germany by EDC[/b]" (on releases since approx. 2007 in capital letters) and an additional letter ranging from A to Z on the opposite site of the sentence in the inner CD ring. If you use this entry in the LCCN section of a release, add the sequential number "5XXXXXXX" after the "[°]" as related number. [b]Matrix patterns[/b]: 0XXXX XXX XXX-X 0X [°] 5XXXXXXX (apparently on releases manufactured for Universal Music Group and its labels/companies) 0XXXX XXXXX XXX 0X [°] 5XXXXXXX (apparently on releases for other labels/companies/clients) [b]Mastering SID codes and corresponding mid-matrix digit[/b]: [°] = [b]?[/b] - IFPI LV26 (or, rarely on releases from 2005: IFPI L001) [°] = [b]+[/b] - IFPI LV27 (or, rarely: IFPI L008) [°] = [b]#[/b] - IFPI LZ87 (or, rarely: IFPI L008) [°] = [b]P[/b] - no Mastering SID Code available (yet) [°] = [b]E[/b] - IFPI LQ57 (only a short time/very rarely?) [°] = [b]/[/b] - IFPI L001 (only a short time in 2005?) [b]Mould SID codes pattern[/b]: IFPI 01XX If the matrix patterns DO NOT appear on a release which mentions EDC in matrix, but show a different styled one, check if it's manufactured by either [l=EDC, USA] or [l=EDC Blackburn Ltd]

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EDC GmbH Emil-Berliner-Straße 13 D-30851 Langenhagen Germany Phone: +49 (0) 511 972 0 Fax: +49 (0) 511 972 1355 Email: info.de@edcllc.com

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