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RCA Studios, Nashville


American recording studio founded in 1957 and closed in 1977. There were Studios from A to D. An editing and mastering division was established in 1961. Some people who worked there in 1972 were [a=Larry Schnapf] (chief engineer), [a=George Bennett (3)], [a=Ray Butts], [a=Milton Henderson], [a=Les Ladd], [a=Al Pachucki], [a=Tom Pick], [a=Chuck Seitz], [a=Roy Shockley], William Vandevort, [a=David Roys] and [a=Mike Shockley]. After the closure of [l=RCA Studios, Chicago] in April 1972, [a=Randy Kling] joined Nashville's mastering division.

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806 17 Ave. S. Zip 37203 USA Phone: 244-9880 (closed 1977)

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