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RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis


Defunct vinyl record and capacitance electronic disc (CED) pressing plant located in Indianapolis, Indiana (identified by "I" in runout). Opened on August 5, 1939, it was the largest and one of three strategically located record manufacturing plants operated by RCA in the United States, the others were [l461373] (identified by 'R' in runout) and [l465444] (identified by 'H' in runout). The plant advertised overnight delivery to record distributors. The plant ceased production of the CED Video Disc on June 27, 1986, and ceased vinyl production in 1987. The first alpha in runouts (for all plants) indicates year of mastering (between 1960 and 1977): L=60, M=61, N=62, P=63, R=64, S=65, T=66, U=67, W=68, X=69, Z=70, A=71, B=72, C=73, D=74, E=75, F=76, G=77. The 2nd alpha indicates size/speed; K=7" 45, L=7" 33??, P=10" 33?? & R=12" 33??. "4" indicates lacquer cut from tape supplied & "5" indicates lacquer supplied to RCA. Either of these digits in front of the 2nd alpha = January to June and behind the alpha = July to December of the year indicator. The 4th alpha indicates whether a record is mono ("M"), stereo ("S"), or even quadraphonic ("T"). (e.g. R4KM prefix would be a 1964 7" 45, cut between Jan & Jun from tape supplied) A 1" diameter pressing ring seen on label are characteristic of RCA pressings from 1968-70 onwards), and 'RC' code within deadwax assist in identifying these pressings. In the early to mid-1980's, RCA pressings of [l8742] sublabels were indicated by a '70' code on the center label, while pressings of releases on [l904] bore an 'R' code on the label.

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7900 Rockville Road Indianapolis, IN 46224 [1939-circa 1979:] 501 N. La Salle Street Indianapolis, IN 46201 (317) 635-6900 [circa 1979-87:] 6550 E. 30th Street Indianapolis, IN 46219 (317) 542-6301 (Defunct)

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