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The company was established in 1970 as "[b]MCA Records (Canada)[/b]", a division of "[u]MCA Canada Ltd.[/u]", the Canadian subsidiary of "[u]MCA Inc.[/u]". The name was adjusted in 1986 into "[b]MCA Records Canada[/b]". [b]NOTE: Please employ caution when crediting this company[/b]. Use this company only for releases from or prior to 1986 that specifically credit 'MCA Records (Canada)'. For releases from 1986 or later that credit MCA Records Canada, please use [l=MCA Records Canada]. As well, please keep in mind that during the transition period between company names, or occasionally for copyright purposes, you may see both names on the release. In those cases, either credit [l=MCA Records Canada] or both companies. At various times the company has distributed in Canada the US labels Chess, Chrysalis, Decca, Geffen, DGC, GRP, Impact, Impulse, I.R.S., Mechanic, Motown, Narada, Reunion, Roadracer, Sona Gia, TVT, UNI, and Zebra. MCA Records Canada also has handled distribution for the Canadian independent labels Duke Street, Justin Entertainment, and Trafic. In 1995, Seagram acquired 80% of MCA Inc. "MCA Records Canada" was renamed "[l=Universal Music (Canada)]". [b]Sister Labels:[/b] [l=MCA Records Ltd.] (UK)

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MCA Records Canada 2450 Victoria Pk. Ave. Willowdale Ontario M2J 4A2 Canada (416) 491-3000 (416) 490-8206

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