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UK Production Company of [l=WEA International, Inc.] established 1969 as [l=Warner Bros. Seven Arts Records Ltd.] and known as WEA Records Ltd since mid 1972. History: July 1969 Kinney National Service Inc. acquires [l=Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records] which launches its first company-owned European outlet in UK ([l=Warner Bros. Seven Arts Records Ltd.]), with Ian Ralfini as managing director and general Manager Tony Roberts for the publishing company [l=Warner Bros. Seven Arts Music Ltd.]. Licensing pact with [l=Pye International] expires, but [l=Pye Records (Sales) Ltd.] will continue to manufacture and distribute records. Publishing deal with [l=Leeds Music] expires. 1970 ??Seven Arts?? removed from company name. UK branch renamed to [l=Warner Bros. Records Ltd.], publisher now called [l=Warner Bros. Music Ltd.] July 1970 Kinney National Service Inc. buys [l=Elektra]. November 1970 [a=Nesuhi Ertegun] will be director of newly created international record department [l=Kinney Record Group International] (Kinney Music International as publisher) with Phil Rose as managing director. 1971 UK branch renamed to [l=Kinney Record Group Ltd.] with [l=Kinney Music Ltd.] as publisher. Januar 1971 [l=Elektra Records] licensing contracts in all European countries (in UK [l=Polydor Records Limited]) expires. [l=Elektra] joins existing Warner UK branch. Distributing and pressing switches from [l=Polydor Records Limited] to CBS. July 1971 [l=Kinney Record Group Ltd.] enters distribution and pressing deal with CBS instead of [l=Pye Records (Sales) Ltd.]. Elektra??s publishing companies [l=Paradox Music (3)], [l=Nipper Music] and [l=Nina Music] are now controlled by [l=Warner Bros. Music Ltd.]. The Kinney Group now has the publishing companies of [l=Atlantic], [l=Elektra] and its own all under one umbrella. The Use of the prefix 'K' for cat# and/or Matrix starts (not of [l=Atlantic]). February 1972 Kinney Services Inc. (formerly Kinney National Service Inc.) renamed to [l=Warner Communications Inc.]. Reflecting of the initials of the parent record companies, [l=Warner Bros. Records], [l=Elektra] and [l=Atlantic], Kinney Music International will be called [l=WEA International Inc.]. Similar name changes will be undertaken for all WEA??s subdiary companies. March 1972 [l=Atlantic] becomes fully part of [l=Kinney Record Group Ltd.] after negotiating the agreements with [l=Polydor Records Limited]. The Use of the prefix 'K' for cat# and/or Matrix start also for Atlantic. June 1972 [l=Kinney Record Group Ltd.] ([l=Kinney Music Ltd.]) renamed to [l=WEA Records Ltd.] as part of [l=WEA International Inc.]. June 1974 The [l=Warner Communications] Company began employing the 1974-designed [a=Saul Bass] 'W' logo on releases, later to become the umbrella brand identity for the [l=Warner Music Group]

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WEA Records Ltd. 20 Broadwick Street London W1 The Warner Building,, 28 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4EP, England 020 73682500

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