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German Ariola company. Also referred to as just "Ariola Eurodisc" and "Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH, München" and "Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH, Gütersloh". Existing from 1965 until 1987 when it got renamed to [l=BMG Ariola München GmbH]. First located in Gütersloh, the company moved to Munich in 1969. Before 1965 the company was given as [l252822] Please use it as Record Company and as manufacturer/distributor, if mentioned. Labels that have been manufactured and distributed by Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH: [url=]A&M Records[/url] (LC 0485) [l=Ariola] (LC 0116) [l=ABC Records] (LC 0454) [l=Arista] (LC 3484) [l=Baby Records (2)] (LC 4554) [l=Baccarola] [l=Bronze Records (2)] (LC 2313) [l=CGD] (LC 0150) [l=China Records] (LC 1896) [l=Chrysalis] (LC 1626) [l=Coconut] (LC 7472) [l=Hansa] (LC 0835) [l=Island Records] (LC 0407) [l=Maritim] (LC 2525) [l=MCA Records] (LC 1056) [l=Sire] (LC 3228) [l=Supraphon] (LC 0358) [l=United Artists Records] (LC 0379) [l=Virgin] (LC 3098)

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