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Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman


Columbia Records?? Pressing Plant, Pitman, New Jersey opened May 17, 1961 to produce vinyl records, and heralded as the world's largest LP production plant. Vinyl pressing began to be phased out circa 1986/1987 and the plant started conversion from vinyl to a CD manufacturing and mastering facility scheduled to begin in 1988 with the remaining vinyl production shifted to the new facility. ([l=Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA]). After Sony's acquisition in 1988 the plant began conversion to CD manufacturing only, and in 1989 was turning out as many as 18 million per month in its heyday, but finally closing in March 2011 with Sony moving their production to Indiana. [l586613], a division of Columbia's pressing operations, handled the making of metal parts (e.g. mothers, stampers) for many pressings by Columbia although others have been used. (e.g. [l438055]) Various Identifiers for Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman pressings: - CPFR, - 'P' hand-etched (and in a rather big size) instead of machine-stamped as up to 1981-82. (See image) - P or p or CP - Stamped. Pitman, NJ -P AP etched, 45's Pitman Pressed in the 1980's Columbia also used PAL and PBL prefixes for side 1 and 2 and A and B suffixes for the Santa Maria, CA plant, C and D for Terre Haute, IN and E and F for Pitman NJ. This schema lost relevance over time and became inaccurate for later pressings. X = [l447694] Y or y = [l403953] W = [l442751] C = [l264380] (pre-1985), [l473670] (1985-86) B = [l285745] R = [l406973] On CDs (1989 or later): "CMU P nn" mould on inner plastic ring, readable from label side. (nn may be any number). Note: After Sony's acquisition the plant was converted to CD manufacturing only, to make more CDs for CBS (now fully owned by Sony), but the discs looked very similar to WEA Mfg discs, except they had "CMU" in the plastic hub. This plant is known as Sony DADC SDM (Sony Disc Mfg). These different looking discs continued into the 90s, when Sony replaced the lines with the same ones DADC uses, so the discs were identical to DADC's other plants. The Pitman Plant was known to have pressed for; -Pitman pressings on [l8742] labels (such as Mercury, Polydor, RSO and Casablanca) from 1979-80 were indicated by a '56' code on the label. -ECM product ([l6785]) was pressed by Columbia Pitman plant only in the period when Polydor distributed that label. -[l3820] -[l12220] -[l67115] -[l2553] - indicated by a '16' code on the label.

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Lambs & Woodbury Roads Pitman, NJ 08071 (609) 589-8000 (now defunct)

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