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The GIP (grafičko-izdavačko preduze?e, graphics & publishing enterprise) "Beograd", headquartered in Belgrade, was a Yugoslav printing company. The company was extremely productive during the 1970s and 1980s - it specialized in the printing of record sleeves and postcards, and was the first company in Yugoslavia to print a textured record sleeve - [a=Riblja ?orba]'s [m=106941]. Its clients included all major Yugoslav record companies - [l=PGP RTB], [l=Jugoton], [l=Diskos] and [l=Jugodisk]. The breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992 severely impacted GIP "Beograd" - Diskos and Jugodisk had lowered production to a minimum and established contracts with smaller, newly-founded private printing companies which offered better prices, and Jugoton had transformed into [l=Croatia Records] after Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia. The loss of these clients spelled out a certain end for the company, along with the severe and sudden shrinking of the postcard market - "Beograd" had sold and distributed them all across Yugoslavia. Even though the company maintained a relationship with PGP RTB and set up contracts with several newly-founded private record companies (such as [l=ZaM]), this was not enough and the company shut down cca. 1993. See also [l=GIRO "Beograd"] for a name variation.

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