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BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. is the US company that owned the BMG Music Service record club. Catalog numbers of both the original label and BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. usually appear on the releases. Also credited as: · BMG Direct Marketing Inc. [b]Please do not add BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. as a label.[/b] Instead, please add the [b]original label[/b] and its catalog number as [b]the Label[/b], while BMG Direct Marketing and its corresponding number should be added as [b]the Record Company[/b] and '[b]Club Edition[/b]' added to the format from the dropdown menu. Some club editions will credit just "BMG Direct". For those, please use [l68920] instead. For releases that are '[i]Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc., under license[/i]', a 'Licensed To' LCCN may be added as well. The company was formed in 1988, when Bertelsmann acquired the RCA label, owner of the 'RCA Music Service' record club. This record club was then renamed to 'BMG Music Service'. Releases which were exclusively made for the BMG Music Service record club mention they were manufactured for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under license.

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BMG Direct 6550 East 30th Street Indianapolis, IN 46219

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