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Subsidiary label of [l=Ariola Schallplatten GmbH], founded and registered in the commercial register on 12 May 1958 in Güthersloh by Reinhard Mohn. This is used as a label, but also as a distributor if denoted: Im Ariola-Vertrieb Ariola distributed a whole bunch of other labels through the years. If you are submitting an Ariola record without release year info, check the matrix number in the runout area. If the matrix stamp ends with ???/##S?, the two numbers indicates a year. For example, ???/77S? indicates mastering or press date 1977, which is often the same as the release date. Label code: LC 0116 Declaration for the cat# in the early 60s: First digit: 1 = classical 2 = Baccarola repertoire 3 or 4 = Ariola dance and pop repertoire 5 = speech recording 6 = jazz 7 = international repertoire 2nd digit: 1 = LP 12" 33 rpm mono 2 = LP 12" 33 rpm stereo 3 = LP 10" 33 rpm mono 4 = LP 10" 33 rpm stereo 5 = 7" 45 rpm common mono 6 = 7" 45 rpm extended play mono 7 = 7" 45 rpm common stereo 8 = 7" 45 rpm extended play stereo The literal suffixes are price codes The company was also known as [l=Ariola GmbH] and changed the name to [l=Ariola Eurodisc GmbH] in 1965.

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Contact info from 1961: Ariola GmbH Gütersloh, Postfach 853 Geschäftsstellen: Berlin W 30, Victoria-Luise-Platz 7 Düsseldorf, Albertstraße 92 Frankfurt/Main, Niddastr. 51/1 Hamburg 1, Altstädter Straße 6 München 15, Sonnenstraße 33b Stuttgart N, Jägerstraße 51 Hannover, Berliner Allee 47 Austria: Ariola Ges.MBH Wien, Wien I, Graben 29A Switzerland: Generalvertretung John Lay, Luzern, Himmelrichstaße 6 Netherlands: N.V. Nederlansche Gramofoon-Mij., Amsterdamse-Veerkade 22a, Den Haag/Holland Belgium: Discobel N.V., 31, Rue du Lombard, Brüssel/Belgium

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