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Direct-mailing distributor of major label releases for many music labels. Columbia House was born 1971, but originally began its existence as [l=CBS Direct Marketing Services] in 1966, which was formed as parent of (and due to the growth of) Columbia Record Club (which is still reflected by the legacy "CRC" code that is used by Columbia House on the non-vinyl releases they manufacture & distribute). Usually keeps the original label's cat# and adds the "C" prefix to it (on CD releases). Catalog #'s of both the original label and Columbia House usually appear on the CD's. [b]TO ADD COLUMBIA HOUSE RELEASES TO THE DATABASE:[/b] Please do [b]NOT[/b] add this company as a second label unless it is specifically branded as a label on the release. [b]Instead[/b], please add Columbia House as a company (as applicable - Record Company, Manufactured By, Distributed By, Licensed To, etc.) with its unique cat# in the associated field, and add the '[b]Club Edition[/b]' format from the dropdown menu. Note that Canadian releases with barcodes starting in "7 7749" are most likely Columbia House releases, and that there will most likely be a retail version of the same release with a different barcode. Note: CDs with DIDY codes (not any other DID_ codes, though) were manufactured by the US division of DADC for Columbia House. Such codes should be mentioned in the Other Identifiers field only; they're not Columbia House catalog numbers. [url=]Click here for the forum thread about this topic.[/url]

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Columbia House 1400 No. Fruitridge Ave. Terre Haute, IN 47811 (Canadian division address) Columbia House 5900 Finch Ave. East Scarborough, Ontario M1B 5X7 Canada

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