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Polygram, Hanover, West Germany


CD pressing plant in Langenhagen, near Hannover, Germany. On August 17, 1982, the world's first mass production of Compact Discs began in Langenhagen. Renamed to [l=PDO, Germany] in January 1986, to [l=PRS Hannover] in October 1991, and to [l=PMDC, Germany] in June 1994. 1998 renamed to [l=Universal M & L, Germany] and finally to [l=EDC, Germany] in 2005. Usually printed on artwork as: "CD is manufactured by PolyGram in Hannover, West Germany." or "CD is manufactured by PolyGram, Hannover, West Germany." The text is often not removed on a repress by one of the successors. Note: Do not use this plant when one of the successors is mentioned on the release!

Información de Contacto:

Klusriede 26 3012 Langenhagen Germany [obsolete]

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