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French pressing plant, manufacturing and distribution company which stemmed from their original pressing plant in Averton (Mayenne), France. (The 'MPO' acronym remains from the original company; 'Moulages et Plastiques de l'Ouest'). Through expansion, MPO has permanent offices throughout the world, with a strong presence in Europe. The group's operations are structured around its three production sites and logistics centres; MPO Iberica and MPO France (Averton and Villaines La Juhel) and MPO Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) and numerous sales offices in Europe and Asia as well as a partner in the US. MPO is an acronym for "Moulages Plastiques de l'Ouest" (in English: Western Plastics Castings). MPO pressed its first commercial CD on 4th of December, 1984. Vinyl discs pressed by MPO can be identified by the hand etched "MPO" etching in the runouts. MPO can be credited as M.P.O. on releases. MPO CDs made at Averton are assigned the following SID codes: Mastering: L031, L032, L033, L036, L039. Mould: 12## MPO isn't always explicitly mentioned in the CD matrix, but can sometimes be identified by a string of tiny text with the following format: CA [label cat#] @@ IFPI LV88 M/D/YYYY HH:MM:SS [AM/PM] NNNNNNNNNN If you aren't sure, please ask in [url=]the forums[/url].

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