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Discos CBS, S.A., Madrid


CBS manufacturing & distribution company - established in Spain in 1970 and whose team included executive director [a2976561]. It also distributed a number of foreign labels. Circa 1992 it became [l98959] [b]If in doubt about location, simply use [l=Discos CBS, S.A.][/b] Following CBS Records International agreements with Philips in 1960 and the launch of the CBS label in Europe, CBS was previously associated in Spain with: [l=Hispavox, S.A.] (Oct 1962 - 1966) & [l=Discophon, S.A.] (1966 - 1970) The Discos CBS, S.A., Madrid office was then opened in 1970. This Spanish company continued outsourcing for pressing & metalwork, often importing the latter from CBS in the UK in its formative years. Manufacturing associations with Philips continued with [l295886] and [l266098], as well as with plants such as [l108231] and [l274119]. Releases to the Spanish-speaking markets via the CBS entity [l=Discos CBS, S.A.] can also be seen in [l=Discos CBS, S.A., Mexico] and [l=Discos CBS, S.A., Colombia] manufacture (and may possibly share those markets, which could include Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela - as well as the USA and other CBS entities operating in and to those markets, such as [l=Discos CBS International] and [l=Discos CBS] brands, or [l=Discos CBS S.A.I.C.F.], etc., prior to Sony acquisitions in 1988 and 1991).

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(Redundant) Princesa, 1 - Torre de Madrid Madrid-13 Spain (Redundant) Av. Generalísimo, 25 Madrid-16 Spain (Redundant) Paseo de la Castellana, 93 Madrid-16 Spain (Redundant) Paseo de la Castellana, 93 28046 Madrid Spain

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