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Please use "Mastered At" until additional drop downs are created for lccn field. (e.g.Metalwork LCCN) Customatrix was a division of Columbia's pressing operations that handled the plating and processing of metal parts (masters, mothers and stampers) from lacquers which came their way. This symbol was on U.S. as well as Canadian Columbia pressings.mothers, stampers) for many pressings by [l1866] as well as [l157], [l904], [l1005], [l1000], [l108857], [l6433] and others. These maybe identified by an "o", a small oval and not be to confused with [l314605] as the size did vary over time. This identification is not necessarily associated with any specific matrix prefix such as XSM, etc, as many Columbia pressings have this small oval "o" stamp. It's worth noting that this "o" has varied in size over the years ending where it is currently. Known to have made metal parts for [l1005] for pressing by Columbia Plants.

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