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Warner Bros. Records US parent launched independent international operations in the late 1960s, expanding to Canada, then Australia. Australian founder Paul Turner began in Sydney with a staff of 5 in 1970 and the labels Warner-Elektra-Atlantic (WEA), but unable to trade as one monopoly in the U.S., Warner Bros. Records soon renamed itself worldwide as Kinney Music, an umbrella company. Australian distribution was by the Australian Record Co. (ARC) for the first 2 years. After a U.S. monopoly law change, WEA International Inc., including WEA Records Australia, was formed in 1972, with the latter being renamed Warner Music Australia in 1988 and having sister-label divisions, WEA Records & East West Records.

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Warner Music Australia Pty. Ltd. 39-47 Albany Street Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia Warner Music Australia Pty. Ltd. Crows Nest PO Box 500 (mailing) NSW 1586 Australia 02-9950-1500 02-9950-1520 Fax d2c@warnermusic.com Email

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