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In 1947, [a=Ahmet Ertegun], his brother [a=Nesuhi Ertegun], [a=Jerry Wexler] and [a=Herb Abramson] started an independent jazz and R&B label in New York City, which they named Atlantic Records. Growing from literally a one-room operation into one of the preeminent companies in the rapidly evolving music industry, the Atlantic label soon became recognized and revered around the world??a name synonymous with artistry and quality. Atlantic was purchased in 1967 by the Warner Bros.-Seven Arts film studio. Atlantic/[l=ATCO Records], along with [l=Warner Bros. Records]/[l=Reprise Records], were to be operated as separate record companies under this ownership umbrella. This continued until 1969, when Warner Bros.-Seven Arts was purchased by Kinney National Company. Warner Bros. and Atlantic were brought together, Ahmet Ertegün was given considerable power in the new operation and he, along with both the President and Chairman of [l=Warner Bros. Records] Mo Austin, served on a committee to oversee the record business. They oversaw the purchase of [l=Elektra] from its founder [a=Jac Holzman] in 1970, leading to the creation of the Warner-Elektra-Atlantic ([l=WEA]) alliance and distribution network. Today, Atlantic remains a part of the [l=Warner Music Group], and forms the Atlantic Music Group along with [l=Elektra], [l=Rhino Records (2)] (which Atlantic bought out in 1992) and [l=Lava]; [l=EastWest Records America] was switched to Elektra when Sylvia Rhone became president of that label in 1995. [b]Please note that when it comes to promo releases released on Atlantic Records and many of its subsidiaries, such as Big Beat and East West Records America, the outside jacket sticker will contain the commercial catalog number and the inner label will contain the promo catalog number or sometimes both.[/b] [b]Label code: LC 0121[/b]

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1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104 USA

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