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"Columbia" pressing plant, owned by the local EMI subsidiary and located in Rizoupoli, Athens, Greece. Established in 1931. Shellac records (78 RPM) were pressed until 1959-1960. The first "extended play" 7" vinyl records were pressed on July 16th, 1955. The first "standard" 7" vinyl records were pressed on January 27th, 1958. The first vinyl LP records were pressed in 1961. Until 1967, Columbia was the only manufacturing plant that pressed 7" vinyl records in Greece. [b]12"-sized vinyl releases, 1970-1991[/b] - Check if the release features a number with an "A/A" prefix (usually located on the labels) AND is made/manufactured by a Greek EMI entity (one or more of the following: [l=EMI Greece], [l=EMI Greece S.A.], [l=Columbia-EMI Greece S.A.], [l=Columbia Gramophone Company Greece Ltd.], [l=EMIAL], [l=EMIAL S.A.], [l=The Graphophone Company Of Greece Limited]). - Add a "Pressed By" credit and enter the number, omitting the A/A prefix. (NOTE: Double vinyl releases will feature two such numbers, one for each record. Please enter two credits in this case, three for triple sets etc.) - You may also add the A/A number(s), and MT number(s) as well (usually the same number after the prefix; located on the cover), in BAOI section, with any additional information, e.g. where it is found on the release artwork, which number corresponds to Record 1 or Record 2 (for double LPs) etc. - For this time period, a release deserves a "Pressed By" credit for Columbia, Athens even if it doesn't feature one or more A/A numbers, provided it features one or more MT numbers and was made/manufactured by a Greek EMI entity (one or more of the ones listed above).

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